Friday, December 21, 2012

To be continued . . .

Well this is lame, but since apparently I've used up all my photo storage space I made a new blog to continue our journey:

Friday, December 7, 2012

Josie's 2nd Birthday Party!

here is where i will post pics form Jos bday party


here is where i will post thanksgiving pictures if i can ever figure it out

Catching Up. . . 16 months

Here are some things I've been meaning to blog about, before I forget:

You are really into your baby doll lately.  It's so very sweet.  You look for her and say "baby? baby?' when you wake up from naps.  You love to hold her and pat her back, you give her sweet kisses, you even lay her in her "crib" and cover her with a blanket.  You are going to make a very good big sister someday.

If we say something about sleeping or you see of picture of someone/something sleeping, you will lay your head to the side and make pretend snoring sounds. :)

You tell us when you are poopy now by saying "poop-PE! poop-PE!".  I am hoping you will do well with potty training in the Spring since you already know the language and you love to sit on your little pink potty in the downstairs bathroom.

You noticed my tattoo for the first time. :)  You pointed to it and said "Oooooh".

We went with Bree to her sonogram appointment a few weeks ago and found out she is having a BOY!! so you will have a new little boy friend in a few months!  Yay!

You love to say HI! to EVERYONE.  You have been super friendly lately and it's so sweet.  You really brighten people's days.  Especially when we are in the grocery store and people are crabby, you say hi loudly to them and smile and their faces just light up at you.  I especially loved it when you said HI! to the homeless man outside of Walgreen's. 

One of our favorite things to do is go to Costco, we go at least once a week to get this or that.  You love to get samples and the ladies that work there always recognize you and say something about the girl with all the hair.  They also draw a picture for you on the back of the receipt when we leave which is nice. 

Advent 2012

(I'm really behind on blogging and the last time I was trying to blog it won't let me upload any more pictures.  So I am not sure what I am going to do about that but here is what's going on with us.)

It is the season of Advent and I am so excited to be starting some family traditions and Advent practices with you and Daddy.  We have 25 little drawstring bags with numbers on them hung on our fireplace mantel.  Inside each one is an ornament and an activity for the day.  The ornaments go with an Advent scripture and "lesson" for the days leading us to the coming promise of Christ our savior.  Of course you are too young for the readings but it is a good practice for Daddy and me to do as well.  But each day I talk with you about the ornament picture and you get to hang it on the Jesse Tree. 

What is a Jesse Tree? 

"A tree with roots deep into the past, that finger right out through the stories of the Old Testament, back to the very beginning, and with branches that stretch so high and wide you can see the whole grand panorama of God's story from the very first blink of the first star over Eden to the blinding light over Bethlehem.

Now this Jesse Tree that our hearts climb high in this season of waiting, it's named after the Jesse who was the father of David, the first royal branch in the tree of the Messiah to come, David to whom God promised that his line and his sons and his family would be King forever.  And when his sons and grandsons and great grandsons turned from God and loved sin more than their Father and their kingdoms fell, and it seemed as though the whole royal family tree of Jesse had been chopped right off at the roots, our covenant, promise-keeping God, He vowed, 'Out of the stump of David's family will grow a shoot- yes, a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root. . . In the day the heir to David's throne will be a banner of salvation to all the world.  The nations will rally to him, and the land where he lives will be a glorious place.' (Isa11:1,10)
So, we'll wait for the Christ like Zaccheus on the top limb, and we'll read the stories of the Old Testament, the whole pageantry of mankind, from Adam to the Messiah, each story pointing to the coming promise, the incredibly impossible gift, the Glorious Christ."

quoted from:

We are on day 7 and so far it is going well!  Some of the activities we've done are getting a Christmas tree, going to Union Station and Crown Center to do Cmas activities, buying and talking about and playing with a nativity scene, reading Cmas books from the library, going to the zoo to take the Zebras Christmas lights (a giving ornament we pulled from the zoo tree), and listening and singing Cmas carols.

Friday, November 30, 2012

God's Creative Heart

Last day of November and we went to the zoo again today because the weather is still so nice!  Looking at all the animals, especially the brightly colored ones always make me think of how creative God is.  Every color we "make" has already been on the earth from God, only His colors in nature and on his creation are even more vibrant and beautiful.  When I see the bright blue frogs or the Lorikeets that are the most vibrant blues, greens, oranges, yellows, and reds I've ever seen, I think of how God made them to bring Him joy and us joy.  They worship him just by being.  God is beauty, and beauty leads us to discover God.  This is what the zoo does for me, makes me stand in awe of God's beauty and creation, power and majesty.  I love sharing this with you sweet girl, I love seeing you look with eyes of wonder and joy at the world. 

And the best part is that our creative God made you, unique to any creature in the world.  God made you to love and worship Him and bring His heart joy.

Friday, November 9, 2012

love. you.

I love you so much sweet girl.  Today we went to the zoo because it is November 9th and 75 degrees outside.  Such a gorgeous day.  We rode on the train and you wanted to sit next to me instead of on my lap but held my hand tightly the whole way.  Tonight we are going to an 80s dance party for Josie's birthday and I can't wait to get us all dressed up.  I decorated our outfits with some cool puff paint.  I also started working on your turkey shirt for Thanksgiving, "gobble, gobble", or "bobble, bobble", as you like to say.  :)  Also, Grandpa Bill and Wendy are coming to visit this weekend!